Elkhart, Indiana –> Jamestown, North Dakota

What up Road Trip Warriors!? I am absolutely exhausted! I drove for FOURTEEN hours after only sleeping about five last night. All things aside….we made some great progress today! We are only about twelve hours away from Glacier National Park and I am SOOOOO HYPED UP! I can’t wait to hit the road again after I hopefully sleep better tonight…here is a little breakdown of today…


My buddy Chris and I attacked the drive first thing this morning starting around 7:30 AM. About two hours into the drive, I had to drive by the Windy City. The traffic was actually tolerable which was a pleasant surprise. I had Chris trying to take pictures of Chicago, but it was tough to get any good ones from the passenger seat…


Besides Chicago, there really isn’t much to see in Illinois. At least in my travels through Illinois all I have seen outside of Chicago is rural landscapes. I still think it is worth driving through to get a perspective on how other people might live.

Next up: Wisconsin!

I was able to shoot right up through Wisconsin. It had a lot of rolling hills, farmland, and we saw some cool waterparks. There were also some cool stone spires we drove by as well as a small ski mountain. The mountain’s name was Cascade Mountain. It made me think of back home and Cascade Mountain in the Adirondack High Peaks. As much as I love to travel, I am excited to be hitting those mountains with my brother and boys this summer!

Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Lakes

Despite having so many lakes, I was unfortunately not able to see that many. We were on the highway continuing our drive west. I was able to see St. Paul from afar, but that was about the only sight I saw while in Minnesota. There were a lot of farms, especially towards the end of the state. We hit some heavy rain as we entered North Dakota.

Jamestown, North Dakota

I want to preface this with saying that there is NOTHING in North Dakota. I drove through Fargo upon entering North Dakota, and after that it has been flat land, farms, and factories. We eventually stopped to get some subs to eat for dinner and we landed at a Holiday Inn right off of the highway. My goal for tomorrow is to be staying somewhere in Glacier National Park or very close to it. We have the national parks pass and after tomorrow I finally get to go hiking and take some wild photographs! I look forward to sharing more info as I travel! I will also be happy to take more photos for these road trip blog posts. I knew the first couple days would be difficult to take pictures since we have been spending most of the time in my car. 


If you want to travel somewhere new, whether it be a road trip, flying to a new country, etc…..please make it happen! You owe it to yourselves to have these experiences, to let your eyes devour new sights and landscapes. You will learn such a vast amount through meeting new people, problem-solving, and realizing just how big the world is….please please get out there. Life is short so you owe it to yourself to make it worth it. Don’t waste your youth!!



3 thoughts on “Road Trip to Montana: Day Two 5/26/19

  1. Hello.

    Sounds normal. What was Your average speed? How many miles? I read this: “Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Lakes”. In Finland we have 187 888 lakes!

    Happy and the safe travels!

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