Back Out West!

What up Road Trip Warriors!? Clearly from the title of this post, you can tell that I am on a road trip heading out to Montana. More specifically, I am hitting Glacier National Park! I am very excited and in high hopes of getting gorgeous landscape photographs and seeing wildlife. I will be hiking a lot and after spending a few days in Glacier, I will be traveling to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. These three parks are so high on my bucket list and I look forward to sharing all the information and photos that I can!

Following those parks, I am aiming to hit Devil’s Tower in Northeastern Wyoming and the Badlands in South Dakota. I have heard nothing but amazing things about all of these beautiful locations!

Saratoga Springs, NY —-> Elkhart, Indiana

So on day one I was able to make it 706 miles from Saratoga, NY to Elkhart, Indiana. Not much of this section of the trip was new for me. When I drove out to Colorado around this time last year, the route was roughly the same up until this point. We drove by Buffalo, NY, through Pennsylvania, by Cleveland, Ohio, and a couple hours later, halfway across Indiana. It is a long day of driving, but with the right tunes and company, it makes for a good time.

I was able to take a picture from the Ohio visitor center that I liked a bit. It is not much as of right now, but it was 87 degrees out, the sun was shining, and I could not have been happier.

Ohio Visitor Center

Tomorrow…the Windy City

The route I am going takes me right through Chicago. Judging by pictures and what I have been told, its a really cool city! I am just hoping that the traffic is tolerable…If not, I will pass the time by singing poorly to irritate my buddy, Chris.

My goal by the end of the day tomorrow is to be near Bismarck, North Dakota or past it. That means I will have to travel through Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota…should be light work for a Road Trip Warrior such as I! I look forward to sharing updates tomorrow and keeping a log of where I am at. I will hopefully have more pictures to share as well. Thanks for taking the time to read! Feel free to comment and hit the follow button to keep up with the adventure pics!


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