Jamestown, North Dakota –> West Glacier, Montana

After being on the road since 8:00 AM this morning, I made it to West Glacier, Montana!! Everywhere you look is so scenic….the mountains, waterfalls, forests…..my eyes can’t get enough. I already saw some mountain goats too!! Unfortunately I was driving too fast to stop to take some photos. That’s alright though because I took soooooo many pictures today! Here is a summary of the day with pictures and what I was able to see!

North Dakota: A Pleasant Surprise

As I drove across the remainder of North Dakota, it seemed that all I was going to continue seeing was farms and factories. There were rolling hills, many cows, and horses. Eventually I decided to pull off and make reservations at a lodge in West Glacier, Montana. Where I pulled off to the side of the road was one of the prettier spots in the countryside. It was at Sweetbriar Lake, North Dakota. I was able to take some quality pics on my camera.

Sweetbriar Lake, North Dakota

Sweetbriar Lake, North Dakota 2

The pleasant surprise I mentioned in the title above was that I forgot Theodore Roosevelt National Park was in North Dakota. I had the opportunity to drive right through it!! I saw a few bison and the painted canyon. I would love to go back and visit that national park another time. It looked SO cool! I wasn’t able to get pictures of this park because….well…..places to go and mountains to see haha. 


The landscape upon entering Montana was intriguing. There were a lot of dirt craters and farms. The land was extremely uneven and I lost track of the amount of cattle that I saw. As I continued driving west, the land got flatter and flatter until the point where it seemed as if you could see hundreds of miles away. I have driven through some flat states, but the middle of Montana takes the cake. In the middle of Montana there were no trees and barely any structures. There was just the grass and train tracks. 

Every small town that we drove through had little casinos…even at the gas stations. There seemed to be two to three casinos per town. I guess that is what you do for fun in rural Montana? Either way, its always great to see new places and what said places have to offer. When I stopped at a random supermarket along the highway I made sure to get a quick shot of the countryside…here it is below

Montana Countryside

Glacier, Montana

I don’t think I have ever been as excited as I was when I saw the mountains break over the horizon as I continued making progress west. I knew I was close to Glacier National park, which has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. Already this place has surpassed my expectations. The snowcapped peaks are breathtaking, the mountain goats were epic, and the forests are serene. I really look forward to exploring tomorrow and seeing what this park has to offer!! Here are some pics I took just pulling off to the side of the road occasionally.

Glacier Mountains Two

Honda and mountains in Glacier

Glacier National Park Sign


To end this post, I just wanted to say that I ended up at a sweet lodge in the middle of the mountains. Ahhhhh, I am so pumped up. Thank you to all those that took the time to read this post. I love sharing these pictures and stories from my travels/hiking. Get ready for more to come!!!! Don’t forget to hit the follow button, like the post, and feel free to comment!! 

The Great Northern Lodge



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