A Trip to Quechee, Vermont!

What up Road Trip Warriors!? I recently went on a small trip to Quechee, Vermont to explore the area! I wanted to share with you all the top things to do in this quaint village! From hiking, browsing thousands of antiques, and exploring cheesy shops (pun intended), this gem in Vermont is sure to keep you well-entertained!

Quechee and Its Famous Gorge

Also known as “Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon,” Quechee Gorge was formed 13,000 years ago by glacial activity. It sits 165 feet deep and the Ottauquechee River continues to carve through the gorge. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

The original bridge traversing the gorge was built back in 1875. It was a railroad bridge for the Woodstock Railroad. The steel arch bridge that is used today was built back in 1911. For 22 years, it was a railroad bridge until the rails were removed and it became the Route 4 that it is today.

Below is a photo I took when the leaves were bursting in different colors. I was on my way back from hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I couldn’t resist stopping in Quechee Village and shooting some pics from atop the bridge.

Quechee Gorge - Fall

Trekking to the Bottom of the Gorge

Getting to the bottom of Quechee Gorge is relatively easy and it is more of a nature walk than a hike. It is roughly .3 of a mile and the trail has benches, plenty of signs, and people walking up and down the dirt path. If you start behind the visitor center like I did, you’ll see this large wooden sign.

Quechee Gorge Trail Sign

You can also hop onto the trail next to the Quechee Gorge gift shop. The trail starts right behind the store and you can walk under the bridge.

Following the trail from the visitor center, you’ll eventually reach an intersection where you can either turn right or left. If you’d like to go to the bottom of the gorge, take a left. This is pretty clear since you can see the trail to your left descending rapidly. I suggest walking down to the bottom of the gorge. It isn’t far and the view is well worth it. I did a little climbing along the gorge to get the picture below. I’m still working on my landscape photography game, but I liked this one because half the gorge was sunny and the other half was dark.

Quechee Gorge - Bottom

Quechee Gorge Village Vermont Antique Mall

Just a short walk from the gorge is the Quechee Village. The shops in this village are an absolute blast! There is a country store with a wide variety of Vermont cheeses one can sample. There are many maple syrups, and other snacks too!

The antique store was and still is my absolute favorite stop in Quechee, VT. It is unlike any antique store I have ever visited. It is enormous, with two floors containing items such as fossils, antique currency and coins, vintage board games, old signs, and my personal favorite, vintage cameras! I have been in the antique store twice and each time I come across new items I have either missed or that were newly acquired. My brother purchased two vintage cameras here because he appreciates them as much as I do. If you’re in the area, check it out!

In the village there is also a diner and a blacksmith shop. I have yet to visit either, but they are on the list for my next stop. I’d also like to visit when the village flea market is taking place. Looks like I will be visiting Quechee again sooner than later!

RTW Note

Thanks to everyone who checked out this post about Quechee Gorge and Quechee Village in Vermont! If you find yourself driving through, add it to the list of places you should stop. You only need a half-hour, but I guarantee you will want more time. If you enjoyed this post, found it informative, or even just liked the photos be sure to like it, leave a comment, and tap that follow button! I appreciate all the support and I look forward to sharing more! Make sure to keep on adventuring Road Trip Warriors!


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