Grand Teton National Park!!

I have been longing to see Teton Mountain Range for at least two years now. I even have a tattoo based off of the range on my left arm. When I planned this trip, I made sure that I would see these magnificent, jagged peaks. I drove 2.5 hours from West Yellowstone, and the drive was more than worth it. I did get to see a black bear on the way to Grand Teton too, which was a plus. They are beautiful animals.

I turned a bend when I approached the park and these peaks shot out of the Earth. They were craggy, and covered with white snow. I unfortunately did not have time to hike in this range, but I was able to visit Mormon Row Historic District and photograph the famous Moulton Barn!

Me at Mormon's Row Historic District

Tetons in my Car Mirror

Mormon Row Historic District: Moulton Barns

These barns highlight Mormon Row and it is easy to see why. With the Teton Range in the background, these barns are picturesque as well as historic. They were built by John and Thomas Alma Moulton on adjacent homesteads. Photographers from all around the world visit here to photograph this historic structure with the Tetons rising in the background. You can read more about the history of this location here. Here are some of the shots I was able to take of these barns. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do so.

Close up of wooden house Mormon's Row Historic District

Famous Barn at Mormon's Row Historic District

Portrait of wooden house Mormon's Row Historic District

Two wooden homes Mormon Row Historic District

Wood house Mormon's Row

If you have the chance to visit these historic structures, DO SO. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Another thing I wanted to mention was that the Teton Mountain Range is THE most visually striking mountain range I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few). I definitely plan on revisiting this national park when I can spend time hiking in the range and hanging out by Jackson Lake. 

On the Road Again Tomorrow

Tomorrow I leave West Yellowstone and start making my way back east. The next destination on my todo list is Devil’s Tower National Monument in Northeastern Wyoming. I think I am going to sleep for a full 24 hours when I get home after all of this driving, but it is SO worth it. You can do and see so much in two weeks or less! I hope everyone else reading this gets out and does something that they have always wanted to do. Thanks again for reading and checking out these pics from Grand Teton National Park. If you enjoyed this post, hit the like button, toss a comment, and follow for more adventure/hiking photography!


4 thoughts on “Road Trip to Grand Teton NP: Day Eight 6/1/19

    1. It is absolutely beautiful! If you have time, check out Mormon Row Historic District. The history behind it is interesting, and the Moulton Barn with the Tetons in the background is stunning. Jackson Lake is great and I have read there are great hikes in the Teton Range!

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