Today I hiked the Mount Brown Lookout Trail in Glacier National Park. It is ten miles round trip and one of the more difficult hikes in the park. To put the difficulty into perspective, in five miles you gain around 4,250′ of elevation gain. It is steep the entire way up and there is not a flat spot to take a break. It was absolutely relentless. I think I took a break at each switchback as we got higher. It probably did not help that my backpack weighed about 30-40 pounds…anyway…the fire-tower lookout was phenomenal.

We ended up having to trek through some heavy snow to get to it, but it was warm out and the views were breathtaking. Here are some photos from the trail and lookout. Oh, and mountain goats are very courteous. They walked within ten feet of me, got off trail to go around me, and then got back on the trail behind me.

From the Trail

Pic of me on Mount Brown Trail

Mt Brown Firetower in distance


Mountain Goat on Mt Brown trail

Mountain Goat on Mt Brown Lookout Trail

Mount Brown Lookout

Snow and Mt Brown Fire-tower

Me taking pics from Mt Brown Fire-tower

Feet hanging on Mount Brown fire-tower

Final Note

I know this post is shorter than what I have been posting the past few days, but I am leaving for Wyoming tomorrow morning and need to sleep for once. There will be a whole post dedicated to Mount Brown Lookout Trail in its entirety once I get back home. Thank you again to anyone that checks out my posts, likes them, and comments on them. Feel free to hit that follow button if you want to see more adventure photos and hiking information!


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