Three Waterfalls Worth Hiking to in The Northeast

What is going on Road Trip Warriors!? I wanted to share with you the top three waterfalls I have been to over the past year in the Northeast. While hiking, I have seen some first-rate waterfalls in the Adirondacks and in the White Mountain National Forest. I have been to Niagara Falls, and yes it is large, and impressive. However, for me, it is too commercialized, developed, and you do not have to hike to it. My preference are waterfalls that you need to work for. Therefore you appreciate their beauty and isolation that much more. Alright, enough talk…here are my top three waterfalls I have hiked to in the Northeast!

Arethusa Falls

Arethusa Falls is located in Crawford Notch, NH. It is the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire at roughly 150 feet. It is about an hour hike to these falls and the hike is not strenuous. People of all different age groups were on this trail from children to the elderly. For more info, I have a blog post dedicated specifically to Arethusa Falls. If you find yourself in Crawford Notch with a few hours to kill, I highly recommend making your way to these falls. You will not be disappointed!


Kaaterskill Falls

Kaaterskill Falls is located in the Catskills, NY near Palenville. This is a relatively easy hike and you will be treated to two waterfalls. The first one, Bastion Falls, is right at the trailhead. It drops about 70′ and has three drops within the waterfall itself. The real gem is a half-mile down the trail where you will find yourself at the lower section of Kaaterskill Falls. Between both tiers, the water plunges over 230 feet! It is loud and powerful, but beautiful. If you would like a better view of the upper falls, hike another half-mile up to the viewing platform. I suggest doing this because every angle of these falls are magnificent. For more on Kaaterskill Falls, check out the full blog on it here.

Kaaterskill Falls: Lower Falls

Kaaterskill Falls: Upper Falls

Rainbow Falls

Lastly, Rainbow Falls in the Adirondacks is an absolute must. It is the longest of the hikes on this list with the round trip total being 9 miles. Do not let the mileage discourage you. The majority of this hike takes place walking down a dirt road (Lake Road) for about 3.5-4 miles one way. Rainbow Falls cascades nearly 150 feet, and I am sure on a warm summer day the mist from the falls feels refreshing. Personally, Rainbow Falls is my favorite waterfall in the Adirondacks. 


RTW Note

Thanks again for taking the time to read this fellow Road Trip Warriors! I have big plans for 2019 in regard to travel and hiking. I look forward to sharing more photos and information with you about the Adirondacks, White Mountains, and wherever else I may be exploring. I am also excited to share that I am getting a camera to capture better images! 

Comment your favorite waterfall in the comment section. It will help give me some travel ideas! Don’t forget to hit the like and follow buttons! Thank you for your support, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year everyone!


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